LGBTQ+ Sailing Camp


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This camp specifically supports LGBTQ+ youth in finding belonging, dealing with bullying, and supporting their courageous choice to be who they truly are in a supportive and empowering way! LGBTQ+ youth, understandably, rate the highest in engaging in high-risk behaviors. Our Exec Director is “L,” so we understand – and we can help them walk their path with ease and grace!

  • Union Reservoir, Longmont
  • July 13th – 16th, 2020
  • Monday – Thursday
  • 10AM – 3PM
  • Friday, July 17th is Make-up Day

We teach the basics of sailing: parts of the boat and rigging, capsize recovery, boat handling, tacking, jibing, and points of sail. Learning to sail then serves as the foundation on which we teach youth to empower the “Self,” in “Self-Esteem.” And so we bookend each day reflecting on and talking about how applying the lessons learned about sailing can be applied to navigating the stormy seas of youth.

ABLE to Sail uses that pesky “no-wind” time to empower our youth by using the metaphors of sailing to change the negative mental chatter that causes depression, anxiety, excessive ‘screen-time,’ and ultimately leads teens to participate in high-risk behaviors like Drugs, Alcohol, Self-Harm. Isolationism, and Suicidal Ideations.

Based on pre- and post- surveys, our sailors report an 81% increase in pride, self-esteem, and belief in their place in the world.

Our commitment is that cost never be a barrier to attending

Get in touch to discuss alternative arrangements for your child.

Last year we were blessed to receive funding through the Lefthand Giving Circle to subsidize this camp. We have gone back and forth as to whether to host this camp again, and how to manage payment in order to maximize the number of kids we can reach, as well as to pay our bills.

Free stuff is great! However…rare. As you will see, we typically charge $345. Actually, we are one of the less expensive 4-5 day camps, that engage in activities beyond building Popsicle stick houses. The City of Longmont’s “babysitting” camps run in the neighborhood of $45/day.

As our main goal is to reach as many LGBTQ+ youth as we can – (our Executive Director is LGBT,) we would like to make this as affordable as possible, given the profound changes we witness in our youth each year. As always, we refuse to let inability to pay be a barrier to any child’s opportunity to attend summer camp – especially this one!

To that end, and after much conversation, we are willing to accept payment as you feel compelled or able to offer…a “Love” Donation, again, keeping in mind that our typical charge is $345, which barely allows us to pay basic bills. SO – if you are willing and able to pay the $345, use the payment button on the registration pages. If you cannot pay the full amount, use any of the “Donate” buttons on the home page, or other pages, and then you can choose your amount. Take a look below, first, and decide how much it would be worth to you for your child to have those same experiences. We think it’s priceless!

Are you an Ally?

We LOVE our allies! In regards to THIS camp, however, due to limited space, and in order to guarantee a safe space for our LGBTQ+ Youth, if you are an ally, you must be directly invited by one of our attending LGBTQ+ Youth. To that end, if you ARE one of our attending LGBTQ+ Youth, we would like to make an allowance for your “best friend,” if they are not LGBTQ+. This is not a space to invite several allies as a “learning/exposure” space for them. We are limiting you to inviting one ally if you so choose, and will make the same payment allowance for them. You may click above to register for the LGBTQ+ Camp as usual. We can’t wait to meet you!

  • This is an event I wouldn’t have even considered without financial aid, so THANK YOU for allowing this camp to happen. To the staff, you have shown so much curiosity in our identities and community, as well as a willingness to learn. This made me feel so much safer, which was required for me to accept your warmth and lessons in positivity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Thank you for contributing to a camp that teaches kids how to accept themselves and believe they are enough!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for funding this!!! This camp has honestly helped me so so much and I feel like EVERYONE could benefit from this camp!
  • I found out I’m not alone. I learned I have courage and that people don’t dislike me right off the bat. I learned I can actually make new friends just by being myself~
  • I learned that I actually AM the things I ever WANTED to be! People don’t see me as the flaws I thought were obvious, like insecure, clingy and annoying.I am valid and important. I’m a good person. I can change my beliefs. I am everything good and true and I can be whoever I want to be!
  • This was one of the best experiences I’ve EVER HAD, THANK YOU! Before I started this camp I was planning to commit suicide. This camp is something I NEVER WANT TO END. I don’t wanna be lonely anymore, and I’ve made more friends here than anywhere else in my life. This place made me feel something I thought I couldn’t…LOVE! THANK YOU!
  • ​I really want to thank Diane for really changing my life! She really saved my life. I’m so happy you helped fund this, because I would still be at home, depressed about my sad stuff…that isn’t so sad anymore! Thanks you for making this possible. I learned so much and would do it all again for the confidence and friends I gained!
  • ​THANK YOU SO MUCH. I wouldn’t be alive without you…(without Diane’s inspiring words!) Seriously, thank you. You’re the best people and camp that I’ve ever me and ever been to! It definitely helped me to be confident in myself. I met new people, and I have friends now, YAY!!
  • ​Thank you for doing what you do, it means a lot and you really are making a huge difference! Thanks for helping fund and support this camp. It’s a great experience and I’m so glad I was a part of it!
  • ​Thanks for supporting ABLE To Sail so they can do things like this that are SO beneficial for people!