These are the most common questions from sailors and parents.  If you have any additional questions please Contact Us here

What about COVID-19?

COVID Protocol UPDATE as of May 4th:

As restrictions ease, we are re-evaluating our severely restrictive COVID Protocols.  The 2 changes being:

1. that we have increased our maximum to 18 kids. (We are equipped for 24.)

And 2. Given the physics and the science of how aerosols are immediately dispersed outdoors (especially in wind, which is clearly present when we go out to sail,) we are allowing the option for youth to sail solo OR together.  Most kids prefer to have someone to talk to out on the lake – though some prefer the challenge of sailing solo.

In lower wind, they sit across from one another – a distance of approx. 3 feet. (The recommended social distance for youth.) In higher winds, they will sit side by side, with the wind immediately dispersing any “particles,” blowing away from them. 

If you have concerns, please give Diane a call, 720-233-8969.   If you feel adamant that your child sail solo, -we are happy to accommodate that, presuming their ability supports that – otherwise we will have them with a staff member until it does.  But we ask that YOU advise your child of this mandate, so they don’t feel singled out by our staff.

Additional COVID Protocols

  • All camps are “Beginner SOLO Sailing.”
  • Maximum 12 kids/camp + staff, (Usually 24 + staff)
  • Minimum age raised to 12 (from 11)
  • Social-Distancing (3 feet,), masking where that is not possible, daily med-checks, and sanitation/dis-infecting/hand washing will be employed. 
  • We will issue one verbal warning for defiant behavior, (not accidental infringements,) and if rules/procedures/staff requests continue to not be followed, you will be required to pick up your child immediately. No refunds will be issued for behavioral problems.

What should we bring to camp?

Lunch, Snacks, Drinks, A water bottle- (We provide WATER for refills, but not water bottles to drink from,) Suntan Lotion, Towel, Clothes to Get Wet, Dry Clothes, Weather Appropriate Clothes –including sweatshirt/warm clothes, Shoes to get Wet, Dry Shoes, Sunglasses –Preferable though Optional, Hat – Optional.

Do we have to pay an entry fee to get into Union Reservoir?

No. Your entry fee to drop off and pick up your child is included in the Camp Tuition. Advise the gate attendant that you are with ABLE to Sail. If you plan to stay for the day, you will need to pay and put a Daily parks Pass in your windshield.

Where do you meet…Where do I drop off and pick up?

We meet at the Blue Pavillion next to the playground, and behind the swim beach on the southwest corner of the Reservoir. After entry past the attendant, go over the small bridge, go immediately right, and follow that road to it’s end, where you see the playground and the blue pavillion, where we meet!

Will there be camp if its raining?

We will typically have camp unless it is raining heavily in the morning AND FORECAST TO RAIN ALL DAY. We will notify you by phone no later than 9:00 a.m.  We will use Fridays as a make up day in the event of cancellation.

What about afternoon storms?

If heavy thunderstorms move in later in the day and don’t look to end or ease before 4pm, we may call you to come and pick up your camper early. There is not sufficient shelter for these types of storm at Union Reservoir, and we are not always guaranteed to be in the pavillion, except for the first day. Someone will remain with your child until they are picked up, or other arrangements made with the instructor.

What are the Staff Qualifications?

Our Lead Instructor is a US Sailing Certified Instructor. All paid adult staff have certifications in CPR and First Aid and are Safesport certified. Camp Counselors are not US Sailing Certified Instructors, but have experience sailing, and are well versed and experienced working with youth in various recreational capacities.  They, too, are Certified in CPR and First Aid, and Safesport, and may hold Lifeguarding certifications as well. We also have several counselors in training who are under 18 assisting with our classes.

What is your refund policy?

We will issue a full refund if you cancel more than 30 days before camp. We will issue a 50% refund if you cancel 15-29 days before camp. We are unable to issue refunds within 14 days of camp and for no-shows, but will make every effort to place your child in another camp that same season where possible. We will allow refunds for COVID-positive test results, but will need proof of said positive test-result.  Trust that we don’t want asymptomatic kids at camp, nor do we want to have to close for the summer due to an outbreak – so we will definitely work with you in this regard. We appreciate your understanding.