Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Page

(May 19th email – UPDATED JUNE 6th – CAMP IS ON!)


Union has shut down beach access, incl. the Swim beach, and Dog beach. We have been granted “special access,” to hold camp!

  • All camps are “Beginner SOLO Sailing Camps.” (SOLO Sail camp is now ADVANCED Camp)
  • Minimum age raised to 12
  • Maximum 8 kids/camp, but offering twice as many camps.
  • NEW Behavioral mandates
  • Camp hours shortened: 10am – 3pm
  • Social-Distancing, masking, and sanitation/dis-infecting/hand washing will be employed
  • Latest Info: COVID & The Outdoors and COVID/Children
  • Sanitizing and Disinfection Practices

We want you to understand our thought process and decisions so you can make informed/educated decisions about sending your youth to ABLE To Sail.

The swim beach, dog beach and fishing pier at Union Reservoir will no longer be open for use as of Saturday May 9th. As of today, we are allowed special access, though beaches remain closed.

We have been forced to make MAJOR CHANGES, the biggest of which is that ALL CAMPS will beBeginner SOLO Sailing Camps.” SOLO Sailing is typically our advanced camp, however, we feel confident in running BEGINNER SOLO Sailing camps, with our typical SOLO camp re-titled as ADVANCED Solo Sailing Camp.

This requires us to raise the minimum age to 12 (from 11,) as solo sailing the boats we use requires more weight, more agility, more confidence, and will require youth to navigate a much higher degree of nerves and anxiety. We will not be able to put kids on staff sailboats to teach them one-on-one, and to ease them through their fears. Thus, we must require a higher degree of enthusiasm and willingness, moreover of maturity, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.  For the sake of this summer, please consider this a sailing specific camp, and not merely a water-sports camp at a lake.

Thus, it bears repeating, that THE SWIM BEACH WILL NOT OPEN THIS SUMMER, nor the pavilion, nor the playground, nor the volleyball court. And so it may be challenging for younger youth who are used to being allowed to “go crazy,” in these areas, to blow off energy in healthy ways. (For the record, this includes Brennan and I!)

We will only have 8 kids per camp, but are offering twice as many weeks, as all of our large private camps were cancelled.. (The LGBTQ+ CAMP IS STILL ON!)

We are shortening our camp day by an hour, still beginning at 10a.m. but ending at 3 p.m. Because many of our usual activities for “no/low wind times,” are not available, AND because storm winds typically come late afternoon, which, with beginner solo sailors, would be prohibitive. .As well, staff will require additional time for cleaning equipment.

Empowerment curriculum will NOT be affected, as it is needed more now than ever.

However, as a Youth EMPOWERMENT Camp, frequently working with youth with behavioral issues, we also feel heart-broken to have to employ the following caveats during this COVID-Summer:

  • Youth MUST be excited and willing to fully participate in sailing (and all other activities,) without resistance, “attitude,” or rebellion. 
  • Youth MUST be respectful and obey ALL RULES and REQUESTS from staff.
  • Youth MUST FULLY understand and be willing to adhere to social-distancing, requests to utilize masks when necessary, and participate in hand washing/sanitizing and cleaning equipment..
  • We will issue one verbal warning for defiant behavior, (not accidental infringements,) and if rules/procedures/staff requests continue to not be followed, you will be required to pick up your child immediately. No refunds will be issued for behavioral problems.

On registering or upon arrival, you will be required to sign a new COVID specific release of liability waiver. (We are still working on the language.) On arrival at camp, both you and your youth will be temperature tested, and asked a series of questions about common COVID symptoms as well as exposure-related questions.

We are providing the following latest relevant information, 1. So you are confident that we are closely monitoring every relevant piece of information, and 2. So you can make your own decisions as to what you personally believe to be safe or unsafe.

“A new study of the more than 300 outbreak clusters of COVID-19 in China reveals that the majority of the outbreaks were fueled by indoor transmission of the disease, while outdoor transmission was scarce.”

This was reported May 8th by the American Camp Association after extensive research with national authorities:

“COVID-19 appears to affect children less often, and with less severity, including frequent asymptomatic or subclinical infection. There is evidence of critical illness, but it is rare. The role of children in transmission is unclear, but consistent evidence is demonstrating a lower likelihood of acquiring infection, and lower rates of children bringing infections into households.”

We will check temperatures and ask relevant social interaction questions on arrival. (i.e. Have you been in contact with anyone with COVID-19) Staff will be tested and questioned daily with the same metrics. We are developing “COVID Quarantine” processes, though, as a day-camp, that is a lesser likelihood than residential.

Social Distancing and Mask Usage

With the above restrictions, we believe we will be capable of observing social distancing in most situations throughout the day. Where Social Distancing is not possible, i.e. up close communications, face covering will be used.*

*As we engage in deep discussions about navigating issues our youth face each morning and afternoon, where facial cues and the ability to connect on a personal level are necessary to be effective, as well as being a high skills activity that requires instructions be fully understood, masking during these times of instruction would be prohibitive. We will ensure social distancing during these instructional sessions, and note that the ACA (American Camping Assoc) and the CDC support these guidelines. (e.g. It is imperative that we be understood, and that we are able to ensure that our youth are engaged in the understanding.)

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Practices:

  • Sanitize boats and accessories daily, and DEEP WASH same over the weekend.
  • Sanitize/disinfect pfd’s daily, DEEP WASH same, over the weekend.
  • Hand sanitizing pre/post restroom visits.
  • Hand washing before/after any potentially semi-interactional activities.
  • Hand washing pre-post lunch/snack times.
  • Hand sanitizing/hand washing multiple times/day.


(April 10th) To date we are still planning on a fabulous, fun, and empowering summer (though we are clear that may change).  Our camp registrations remain open and we encourage you to register with the peace of mind that we have amended our refund policy so that your registration is fully refundable should official recommendations, restrictions, or your personal apprehensions around COVID-19 lead to cancellation. Our primary concern is your health, well-being and peace-of-mind.

To that end, when this passes –and it will pass– I anticipate that with schools being shut down for 2-3 months and finally seeing the end of the stay-at-home orders, that kids and parents alike will be desperately trying to secure spots at trusted summer camps. As there are a finite number of spots they may become as coveted as… well, toilet paper! (Don’t you wish you would’ve planned ahead for THAT!) Utilizing that wisdom, I encourage you to secure your child’s place at one of our camps and register today!

If we are forced to change course and adjust our schedules we will share that information with you promptly and issue refunds or work to get your child transferred to a later date, should you prefer to do that.  Know that our decisions will be based on facts and recommendations from official health authorities.

We’re considering what other options may be effective to support your child’s emotional and mental well-being should a “worst case” occur where the summer is cancelled.  I welcome your input on any ideas. Please let your kiddo know that I’m thinking about them, and if they need or want to connect, by all means, give a call – but PLEASE leave a voice mail if I can’t answer. Somehow robo-callers are still hard at work these days, and I am not clear on their “essential-ness!” Regardless, if I can help you or your kids find a smile, a laugh, or a connection, well, that works both ways!

As a small but robust charity, your continuous support during these unprecedented times remains vital. If you can support our work further in any way with a donation or sponsorship, we would be extremely grateful. Together, we can ensure that we come back stronger than ever, to inspire and empower this most powerful generation into their greater-yet-to-be!

I continue to be “open,” and available, so don’t hesitate to send me an email (,) or pick up the phone and have a chat! Even if it’s not about camp!

Yours, through it all! Stay safe…we need you!

Looking forward, (Boy, THAT never had more meaning!)