Classic Sailing Camp


We teach the basics of sailing: parts of the boat and rigging, capsize recovery, boat handling, tacking, jibing, and points of sail. Learning to sail then serves as the foundation on which we teach youth to empower the “Self,” in “Self-Esteem.” And so we bookend each day reflecting on and talking about how applying the lessons learned about sailing can be applied to navigating the stormy seas of youth.

ABLE to Sail uses that pesky “no-wind” time to empower our youth by using the metaphors of sailing to change the negative mental chatter that causes depression, anxiety, excessive ‘screen-time,’ and ultimately leads teens to participate in high-risk behaviors like Drugs, Alcohol, Self-Harm. Isolationism, and Suicidal Ideations.

Based on pre- and post- surveys, our sailors report an 81% increase in pride, self-esteem, and belief in their place in the world.

  • Union Reservoir, Longmont
  • Monday – Thursday
  • 10AM – 3PM
  • Friday of the same week is Make-up Day

So, How many times can I, or should I, attend “Classic” ABLE To Sail?

As many as you’d like! There’s no limit. It’s where you gain experience. Each week of ABLE To Sail is different, for many reasons- weather and the particular kids are but two of the factors. No two days of ABLE To Sail are the same, and thus, no two weeks are either. Beyond the evolving emotional insights gained, each camp is simply where you gain sailing experience! However, the biggest factor is that ABLE To Sail will be different, because your child is now different than they were a year ago. For example, the move from middle school to high school is often harsh -though maybe not nearly as cruel as the evolution from elementary to middle school, where, for many, was their first experience of bullying, overt judgment, loss of friends and the anxiety of needing to be in the “in crowd,” in order to avoid the awful sting of betrayal and abandonment, where peer approval seeking and the desperation to belong – to do ANYTHING to BELONG, first irrevocably rears it’s painful head. Thus, the “motivational/inspirational,” message that we deliver, though remaining essentially the same, reaches them differently and the level on which they are able to receive that message, is completely different than what they were able to comprehend and apply in a personal way, just one year ago. As a grown up you may have the experience of a reading and re-reading a particular favorite book that, with each reading, new things jump out that you SWEAR weren’t there before! But now, because of your life experience, their relativity becomes pertinent and applicable. Thus is the experience of attending ABLE To Sail each summer. It goes with, and grows with you, supporting each and every new facet of the youth-life experience!

Our commitment is that cost never be a barrier to attending

Get in touch to discuss alternative arrangements for your child.