Monday or Friday Beginner/Refresher


If you meet the pre-requisites and/or have completed the Beginner/Refresher, checkout the daily sessions!


Monday and Friday 1/2 day sessions are for beginner’s and for returning youth from previous years, who, not only need to learn about sailing solo, but also could use a reminder of how to rig the boat, sail safely, and properly store equipment.  This is REQUIRED* before they can sail in our afternoon sessions.  Though it is our intention to do so, there is no guarantee that we will be able to sail in these sessions, so we suggest also booking the afternoon session, and “making a day,” of it!

*If  these options are impossible due to your school schedule, we are offering:

 “Teaser/Tourist  and/or Refresher Sailing!” These will be offered during the 3:30 – 5:30 sessions
, the easier explanation: “Refresher Sailing!” If your child is returning from years past, we’ll send them out with a Jr Staff for the afternoon.  They’ll be reminded of all that they learned, and required to help in the rigging and stowing of the boat, and get to sail under the supervision of staff – at least the 1st day or two. Then we hope to set them out on their own!

2nd: “Teaser/Tourist/Beginner Sailing:” 
Meaning, since, unfortunately,  there’s not a path to teaching beginners everything they need to know in order to set out sailing by themselves if they can’t do the 1/2 day course, we’ve decided that we’ll send your child out with a Jr Staff to get an idea of what sailing is and they’ll have a limited ability to “drive the boat,” with staff. They’ll learn a little bit of sailing, get to steer the boat, but they won’t necessarily learn to right a capsized boat, or about rigging, or stowing the boat, or what’s actually happening as they steer!! i.e. Teaser/Tourist Sailing! Hopefully they’ll just get excited to come to camp next year to learn to captain their own ship!  In layman’s terms, consider it a “ride at Elitche’s,” where they get to steer, and learn a little bit about how the ride works!

So…what do you do?

First: Call or Email Us: or 720-233-8969
 (Leave a vc mail so we know who to call back.)
Let me know what days you’re thinking about, and I’ll let you know if we have availability that day.  I’d suggest to do that asap, as we only have so many staff available, so many days available, and it will be 1st come, 1st serve. Also, I ask your forbearance, as this has become more “hands-on,” than our typical registration system – We just want to make this as available as possible to as many kids as possible.
Then… I’ll have you register online for the days we’re able to accept your child.
We’ll start with a couple days just to give them a fabulous and safe sailing experience – and we’ll go from there! I will respond/confirm as soon as  I have confirmation of staff to sail with your beloved kids!
I’m certain there’s questions I haven’t considered or addressed – again, I’m just trying to be available in the most organized and safe fashion possible! Know, deeply, that we appreciate you, and always… ALWAYS, have your child’s best interest at heart!

  • Union Reservoir, Longmont
  • Monday and Friday Sessions
  • 10:30am – 2:30pm

Our commitment is that cost never be a barrier to attending

Get in touch to discuss alternative arrangements for your child.